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May 23, 2018

How to coach athletes into success both on and off the field

All coaches share one goal: Winning. But the best high school coaches also share a secondary goal: Helping student athletes become good people, both during and after the game.

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May 17, 2018

Essentials for your summer baseball road trip

The undeniable essentials for your summer baseball road trip

When you’re a baseball family, you do baseball things—like giving up your spring break to attend tournaments. Instead of eating those delicious churros at Disneyland, you’ve got an absurd amount of..

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May 14, 2018

How Parents Can Bring out the Best in their Athlete

Athletes are a special breed of superhuman — especially those who love their sport and stick with it for years. But even the most impressive athlete has his weaknesses. High school athletes have their own set of emotional, physical, and mental challenges that..

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May 12, 2018

Beyond Stats: Recognizing Athletes' Achievements Off the Field

According to the NCAA, there are nearly eight million high school student athletes in the United States. Of that eight million, 480,000 will compete as NCAA athletes, and even fewer will compete at the professional or Olympic level.

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February 19, 2018


Here at PROLOOK, health and fitness are 2 things that are very important to us. This year, we’re making it a company-wide goal to better our wellness and we’re extending that invitation to you. However, we know that it’s not always easy to change your lifestyle to a..

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February 12, 2018

Cool Facts About The Olympics

The Olympics are here and the time as come where we get to witness athleticism, skill, and endurance at it’s peak. To celebrate this exciting time – we’ve collected some of the coolest facts about the Olympics. Check it out!

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January 29, 2018

How to Make 2018 Your Year!

2018 is here and we're ready to kill it. Here are 9 simple ways to make this year an unforgettable one.

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January 15, 2018

5 Ways to Prioritize Your Tasks

Procrastination. It’s a word that is so often tossed around as a negative thing and hey, no one wants to be labeled as “the procrastinator.” But really, we are all procrastinators. There is always something more that we can be doing and there are always tasks that..

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